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imageSeptember News.


What a great season and time to reflect on what a great Summer we had at Motospeed Clothing and Lifestyle.

We look back at the Motospeed Cannonball.

With some nice dry weather we scorched up some incredible Roads throughout the North of England with some great company and some incredible Cars.

After about 150 miles we arrived at Solway Aviation Museum where participants got to climb up inside a real Vulcan Bomber and had the opportunity to  look round the amazing exhibits including the Rocket Engines from the Blue Steak  Rocket project.

After a couple of hours of playing on the big toys we set off back for an evening of Tapas and a great chat with Allan Read from the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car Team at The Lamplighter Dining Rooms in Windermere.

I have worked out that the event will have contributed around 5k  to the local economy on a usually quiet weekday in the South Lakes Which is clearly not to be scoffed at.

Whilst we are not directly organising a Cannonball next year there is the Bomber County Cannonball coming up in Lincolnshire which is sponsored by Motospeed,look out for details in New Year!

We would like to thank Edendale Motorsport Photography,Kieron at FSC Keswick for suggesting Vulcan,Solway Aviation Museum and The Lamplighter Dining Rooms at Windermere,all people right on top of their game.

Motospeed wise we are happy with progress of past few months and literally if we make one small bit of progress every day we are happy.

Look out for some more great products coming soon to sit alongside the amazingly popular Flat Caps and Keyrings.

We are going more bespoke and grown up.





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